Quadra Island Transition Town Strategy

Quadra Island Transition Weekend

Saturday & Sunday, November 12-13, 2011

We're ready to Transition!

Building on the momentum and great ideas developed last winter we're out of the gate this fall ready to get primed for a productive winter of scheming and dreaming our way toward community self-reliance and 'transition'.
Join us at the Quadra Community Centre on Saturday & Sunday November 12-13 ready for a packed weekend.

DOWNLOAD the 'Agenda'

Using 'Open Space' techniques this is a self-driven initiative ie: we are all learning how to move toward a transition community together; building self-reliance and infrastructure and personal networks to support that. We don't have any experts on Transition but we have a community full of talented, inventive, knowledgeable and enthusiastic people ready to share in order to make this practical dream reality.

The workshops will be scheduled 'on the fly' in the spirit of Open Space. If you'd like to know more, search 'open space' on Wikipedia, there's an in-depth explanation there.

Some of the workshops planned include: Living off the Grid, Building a Backyard Greenhouse, Small Animal Husbandry, Bio-Fuels, Assessing Community Carrying Capacity etc...

We will have working groups looking into a Sustainability Charter and formalizing the administration of the Transition Initiative. The weekend is designed so you can come and go as you need or please. No one is committed to stay all day but if you're keen it will help keep the momentum going!

We begin at 9 am on Saturday until 4:30 pm when we'll break for a potluck dinner and after cleanup Sierra Quadra are presenting a fun but insightful film: How to Boil A Frog a topical documentary.

It's a half day on Sunday starting at 9 am and wrap up at noon.
Bring a bag lunch for Saturday and a pre-prepared food item preferably local for the evening Potluck dinner.

Admission is by donation, $2 - $5 would be appreciated to go toward the hall rental and associated costs. Entrance to the evening Sierra Quadra film is by separate donation as well.

The Transition initiative aims to prepare our whole community for potential and predicted changes due to rising fuel (and some may add food) prices and climate change.

More information about the Transition Weekend, the overall initiative, including discussion groups, bulletin boards and more is online at www.quadraisland.ning.com

Quadra Transition Island

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