Quadra Bikes Barry Hatelt

Rider Profile

Barry Hatelt

part-owner Quadra Builders

Where do you ride your bike?

Mainly on Quadra, off island: Galloping Goose trail, Trans-Canada trail, down to Willow Point for coffee (on the sea bike/walk

How often do you ride your bike?

Daily (except sundays).

Advice you have for someone starting out?

I would recommend start out early, give yourself lots of time, taking it easy, choose the time and direction that avoids the ferry traffic. 

What is some essential gear for cyclists?

Helmet (with a thin toque under), gloves, carry rain pants, windproof jacket, whatever it takes to keep you warm and dry!.

How do you stay safe on the road?

I won't ride without a mirror, be aware of the surroundings, pedestrians, deer, a good reliable light, and reflective accessories..

Why do you ride a bike?


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