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Brodie Barker

Carihi Student

Where do you ride your bike?

I ride my bike to the ferry and to the golf course.

How often do you ride your bike?

I ride my bike every day.

Advice you have for someone starting out?

That it's great to get on a bike and Quadra is a great place to start. It has off-road trails, and road biking. Biking is an easy way to get into shape. Instead of working out in a gym (inside) you can bike outside and explore your wilderness or explore your dreams on where you would like to bike. Biking is NOT all about working out, its having fun, exploring, getting outside and it's addictive. 

What is some essential gear for cyclists?

Helmet; always wear a helmet, spare tires, tubes and some thing to make you visible at night.

How do you stay safe on the road?

When riding stay to the right side, so you go with traffic. Let cars know where you are turning, and pull to the side when there are two cars coming at once.

Why do you ride a bike?

I started out just riding a trail bike and I noticed that I like riding but I didn't ride everyday. I tried to but I just needed a kick-start, so on my 15th birthday I got a road bike and I started to ride it every time I could. I started riding everyday NO MATTER what the weather was. I loved biking. The more I rode the more I was addicted and here I am now. It's hard for me not to ride ONE day. I started to notice that biking could get me into shape. I can run fast and my endurance is really high. Biking has turned me in to a "Bikeaholic" and a fit man.

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