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Cape Mudge Village, Quadra Island, BC
Photo: Cape Mudge Village
Quadra Island, BC
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Quadra Island, British Columbia, Canada

Cape Mudge Village

Quadra Island

The territory of the Kwa'Kwa'Ka' Wa'Kw Nation includes territory between a line running from Cape Mudge, Quadra Island to the mouth of Bute Inlet northward to Smith Inlet and around Vancouver Island to Quatsino Sound.

Ah-Wah-qwa-dzas (a place to relax and tell stories) at Cape Mudge Village.
Ah-Wah-qwa-dzas (a place to relax and tell stories)
at Cape Mudge Village

It was near present day Cape Mudge village that the first contact was made between European explorers charting the British Columbia coast and local First Nations. In 1792 Captain George Vancouver landed at the village of Tsa-Kwa-Luten which at that time was inhabited by Coast Salish people. Shortly after, in the 1840s the Salish left the village and the Laichwiltach took over the desirable site at the edge of rich salmon fishing grounds and overlooking the Georgia Strait.

Ah-Wah-qwa-dzas (a place to relax and tell stories) at Cape Mudge Village.
Petroglyph rock carving outside the Nuyumbalees Cultural Centre, Cape Mudge Village

Today the Laichwiltach are a prosperous people involved with several major concerns in nearby Campbell River and on Quadra Island. The ancient village site that Captain Vancouver landed two hundred years ago is now the location of a full service resort Tsa-Kwa-Luten Lodge & RV Park welcoming visitors from around the world to share the legendary Laichwiltach hospitality.

To learn more about the Kwa'Kwa'Ka' Wa'Kw's ancient and rich culture and history be sure to pay a visit to the splendid the Nuyumbalees Cultural Centre check the centre's web site for details about opening times.

Nuyumbalees Cultural Centre, Cape Mudge, Quadra Island, BC

Nuyumbalees Cultural Centre


Nuyumbalees Cultural Centre first opened its doors in 1987 to welcome home the Sacred Potlatch Collection repatriated from the Federal Government. More than thirty-six years later, the Centre continues its important work researching, locating and repatriating potlatch artifacts from museums and private collectors around the globe, and providing opportunities for intercultural and cross cultural engagement. Museum and Gift Shop are open year-round.
34 Weway Road. Village of Cape Mudge. Quadra Island
PO Box 8 – Quathiaski Cove. V0P 1N0
Ph: 250-914-8763
Email:  nuyumbaleesculturecenter@gmail.com

Celebration at the re-opening of the Nuyumbalees Cultural Centre, Quadra Island, British Columbia, Canada
Tsa-kwa-Luten Lodge, the resort at Cape Mudge, Quadra Island
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