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Quadra Island, British Columbia, Canada

Cycling on Quadra Island

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Suggested Cycle Tours

• The Sunny South End

Explore the sunny south-end of Quadra Island with some island highlights, landmarks and quiet roads. From Quathiaski Cove head south on Green Road in front of the Quadra Island Hostel. At the corner of Green and Noble Road at Quadra Builders hardware store turn left and ride east up Noble to the top of the hill. Turn right and cycle down the long gentle descent along Cape Mudge Road.

At Joyce Road take the right fork along Joyce through the tall trees to the junction with Lighthouse Road. Ahead on Joyce Road is James Pottery studio - visitors are welcome to pay them a visit during opening hours. Take the right fork, heading west through a lovely evergreen forest down Lighthouse Road, passing the junction to Tsa-Kwa-Luten Lodge. The last steep hill brings you to the water's edge at the Cape Mudge Lighthouse.

Explore the beach at the lighthouse. For a delicious lunch option either walk or cycle the trail around the back of the lighthouse property to the grounds of Tsa-Kwa-Luten Lodge; or cycle back up the steep hill and follow the road down to the Lodge. The dining room at the Lodge welcomes visitors for three meals a day.

Returning ot the saddle, make the long steady climb back up Lighthouse Road to Joyce Road, turn left retracing your route to Cape Mudge Road. Either turn left back toward Quathiaski Cove for a shorter ride or turn right and head further south on Cape Mudge Road. The gradual descent down Cape Mudge leads around a wide curve in the road and the name changes to Sutil Road. Cycle past the picturesque clifftop farms and note Petorglyph Road on your right. A short descent leads down to the beach where with some luck and a little local knowledge you might find some ancient petroglyph rock carvings.

Back at Sutil Road continue to the right as the road curves from the east to the north following the toe of Quadra's south end. On the left is the open grape plantings of SouthEnd Farm and Vineyards. The sign at the gate will say if they're open or closed, often open during the summer days. The vineyard offers a refreshing selection of wines in a beautiful pastoral setting amongst the vines and gardens.

When it's time to head back, follow Sutil Road the way you came, up the long but easy climb on Cape Mudge Road. If time allows turn left on WeWay Road and make the exciting descent downhill to Cape Mudge Village. The Nuyumbalees Cultural Centre is found toward the south through the residential area.

WeWay Road brings you along the leafy shoreline up a short hill onto Green Road and you'll regonize the hardware store and the last leg down Green Road to Quathiaski Cove.

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Please note that cycling is not permitted on the trails at Rebecca Spit Provincial Park.

Cycling on Quadra Island, British Columbia, Canada
Tsa-kwa-Luten Lodge, the resort at Cape Mudge, Quadra Island
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Heriot Bay Inn, Quadra Island
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